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Multi-use UV Sterilization Wand (LIMITED QUANTITY)

Multi-use UV Sterilization Wand (LIMITED QUANTITY)

During these times it is always important to wash and sanitize your hands but have no easy way to sanitize the items we use everyday. What's the point of clean hands if the items we use are still full of germs and bacteria. Our UV sterilization wand is portable and easy to use on all objects and surfaces to remove germs and bacteria. It is trusted and used by over 1,000 hospitals and is now portable and available for every household.  

Items Included: 

  • Portable Sanitation Wand
  • Charging Cable
  • Protective Glasses 
  • Travel Bag
Complete Sanitation
Eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs fast with 20 gold UVC LED beads.
Safe Design
Child safe lock & goggle included. UV light auto shut-offs when overturned
Portable & Convenient
Built-in rechargeable battery. Easy to use and light weight
Proven Technology
UVC Lights used by hospitals to disinfect operating rooms of drug-resistant bacteria. 
Environmentally Friendly

Directions: Scan back and forth at close range 5-10 times for effective sanitization. 
(WARNING: Do not expose to Eyes and Skin. Wear the included protective glasses when using the wand to avoid exposure to the eyes.)