25 Ways To Use Our Liquid Coconut Oil

Facial Cleanser 
Apply one pump into palm, massage over skin, rinse with water and pat dry with towel or tissue.

Make-up Remover
Massage in small circles and gently wipe excess residue away with tissue. 
Apply a small amount through damp hair as styling aide to tame curly or straight hair and also as hydrating serum for dry locks. 
Soothing Shave 
Dampen skin with warm water and apply to 
shaving areas, then shave and gently wipe with dry cloth. 
Bath Oil
Add 2 to 3 table spoons to your bath for a therapeutic bath treatment.

Face & Body Moisturizer

Apply sparingly and massage into the skin after cleansing. Can be used on face and body.

Eye & Lip Protection

Massage small amount of oil between two 
fingers. Gently smooth across the lips and underneath the eye.
Add a little salt or sugar to the oil to create an invigorating scrub to help remove dead skin. We recommend keeping a bottle in your shower and by the sink. In the shower you can easily use our liquid coconut oils for many of the uses below. By the sink it is practical for all of your grooming from daytime tonight time needs.

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